Serena Williams is arguably the most outstanding female tennis star of all time. She has so many qualities to be desired that are age defying.

The Williams sisters turned pro at the age of 14, yet they remain very relevant two decades after. The younger generation have always been proving a point against tennis veterans for long but it remains a major task for tennis veterans to keep up the pace as they grow older.

Tracy Austin won the US Open at 16 years far back in 1979. Martina Hingis won the Australian Open at same 16 years in 1997, while Maria Sharapova won Wimbledon at 17 years. The Williams sisters started dominating the world of tennis from a very young age but they have kept at it in defying the age logic, especially Serena. The younger generation of tennis players shock the world by defeating established tennis stars to win titles but the task has been relevance thereafter.

Serena keeps reinventing herself such that the components of her game have been consistently impressive. Her 23 Grand Slam haul are a testament. She is a living legend that has refused to cower to the stereotype where the younger generations used them to prove a point. Even with her pregnancy break and child bearing process, there is so much belief that she would return to equal the Grand Slam record of 24. She would be rusty, sure, but her sheer determination and since she is a once-in-a-lifetime player would prove helpful.

Serena can defeat any of the tennis protégées at the moment without breaking a sweat. She would do so and return to defeat her fellow veterans. For now she enjoys her private moment before the baby watches from the stands as she wins more Grand Slams, before retiring.