Sabatini vs Graf US Open 1990 (7/7) final ceremony

US Open Movie Ranking: four / 5

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19 Responses to “Sabatini vs Graf US Open 1990 (7/7) final ceremony”

  1. Simon Davey says:

    Gaby’s gay, right?

  2. jasonpeters1 says:

    i agree.

  3. darksilentvoid says:

    Don’t tell me you are a nazi, I won’t believe it. Don’t even try it.

  4. saar144 says:

    i hate the USO trophy ceremonies… there are so tiring, and the players
    always look uncomforable.

  5. JordanjamesX says:

    Wow no surprise men on this board are criticizing Sabatini on her looks.
    The point is Sabatini wasn’t as good as Sharapova in terms of TENNIS.
    Sharapova has 3 slams titles and she will win MORE. Sabatini should of won
    a bunch of slams she was supposed to challenge Graf & Seles but lacked the
    mental fortitude.

  6. leirbag says:

    Vamos Gabi!!!!!…LOL. I Love Gabriela Sabatini. Wish I could meet her

  7. Chrysalide7 says:

    Gaby es encantadora

  8. skylr27 says:

    Ha ha! Yep. But I like sharpie! She has class:) Just like the willies a
    legend in their own time but could probably never be legends if not for
    technology & relatively homogeneous competition!

  9. Natalia Soloaga says:

    Yep. Trends were quite different at the time.

  10. Couargeus says:

    The only one Sabatani Grand slam Tittled, last time Steffi Beat sabatini on
    Quarterfinal French open 95. 6-0 6-1,,and Sabatini never had her best
    performance again, if U tired with Steffi graf fans, yes you are! because
    1:22 ,how can u compare that?? Sabatini may won many they meet, but of
    COURSE Steffi won MORE<

  11. Nicklas4500 says:

    You’re right. She’s just won a grand slam here but that counts for nothing
    if she isn’t entertaining you sexually. Really I don’t know why she even
    bothered to play 😉

  12. Natalia Soloaga says:

    Yes, because Sharapova’s variety and perfection on her strokes is so
    astonishing. ::rolleyes:: Give me a break!! Sharapova is just another
    proned error ballbasher gorila and one of the reasons the current WTA scene
    is so lame. Sharapova couldn’t win a set agaisnt the likes of Graf,
    Navratilova, Seles, etc.

  13. Minerva Lagarde says:

    thank you so much for sharing this.

  14. estel74 says:

    Her haircut wasn’t nice, it’s true, but it was 80s’ fashion……and her
    shoulders was very large (she still has large shoulders) but she was an
    athlete not a top model,, she had to be strong and powerful. And about
    beauty, I still prefer Gaby rather than all this new flashy girls! It’s a
    matter of tastes.

  15. Stephen Michaels says:

    I am always surprised that Tony cut off Steffi so fast. She didn’t even
    really give him a chance to congratulate Gabriela. Sure she was
    disappointed but she was happy for Gabby.

  16. Natalia Soloaga says:

    Because Sharapova doesn’t have quarterback shoulders. :rolleyes I think the
    problem is her mullet haircut.

  17. badgernation74 says:

    To this day, the ceremony at the USOpen is tacky as hell. I wasn’t a fan of
    Henin, but BOTH times she won it they screwed up her name. Some old coot
    called her Christine once, and they called her Henin-Hardenne about a year
    after her divorce. When Del Potro won they let sponsers talk more than they
    let him.

  18. diteraka says:

    Many people say gaby may be the sexiest player in tennis history, i don’t
    find her beautiful at all here, she has large shoulders and really looks
    like a man

  19. Bolivian prince says:

    Aguante argentina pibes!