19 thoughts on “Sabatini vs Graf US Open 1990 (7/7) final ceremony”

  1. Wow no surprise men on this board are criticizing Sabatini on her looks.
    The point is Sabatini wasn’t as good as Sharapova in terms of TENNIS.
    Sharapova has 3 slams titles and she will win MORE. Sabatini should of won
    a bunch of slams she was supposed to challenge Graf & Seles but lacked the
    mental fortitude.

  2. Ha ha! Yep. But I like sharpie! She has class:) Just like the willies a
    legend in their own time but could probably never be legends if not for
    technology & relatively homogeneous competition!

  3. The only one Sabatani Grand slam Tittled, last time Steffi Beat sabatini on
    Quarterfinal French open 95. 6-0 6-1,,and Sabatini never had her best
    performance again, if U tired with Steffi graf fans, yes you are! because
    1:22 ,how can u compare that?? Sabatini may won many they meet, but of
    COURSE Steffi won MORE<

  4. You’re right. She’s just won a grand slam here but that counts for nothing
    if she isn’t entertaining you sexually. Really I don’t know why she even
    bothered to play 😉

  5. Yes, because Sharapova’s variety and perfection on her strokes is so
    astonishing. ::rolleyes:: Give me a break!! Sharapova is just another
    proned error ballbasher gorila and one of the reasons the current WTA scene
    is so lame. Sharapova couldn’t win a set agaisnt the likes of Graf,
    Navratilova, Seles, etc.

  6. Her haircut wasn’t nice, it’s true, but it was 80s’ fashion……and her
    shoulders was very large (she still has large shoulders) but she was an
    athlete not a top model,, she had to be strong and powerful. And about
    beauty, I still prefer Gaby rather than all this new flashy girls! It’s a
    matter of tastes.

  7. I am always surprised that Tony cut off Steffi so fast. She didn’t even
    really give him a chance to congratulate Gabriela. Sure she was
    disappointed but she was happy for Gabby.

  8. Because Sharapova doesn’t have quarterback shoulders. :rolleyes I think the
    problem is her mullet haircut.

  9. To this day, the ceremony at the USOpen is tacky as hell. I wasn’t a fan of
    Henin, but BOTH times she won it they screwed up her name. Some old coot
    called her Christine once, and they called her Henin-Hardenne about a year
    after her divorce. When Del Potro won they let sponsers talk more than they
    let him.

  10. Many people say gaby may be the sexiest player in tennis history, i don’t
    find her beautiful at all here, she has large shoulders and really looks
    like a man

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