R.Federer vs S.Giraldo Us Open 2011 HD

US Open up Video clip Ranking: five / five

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10 Responses to “R.Federer vs S.Giraldo Us Open 2011 HD”

  1. John Rothberg says:

    Line-judge at 1:00: “U mad bro?”

  2. WinX says:

    Is this on fast-forward?? I feel it’s too fast!@__@

  3. unowen7591 says:

    Wish Roger had this forehand more often. He’s playing his forehand like he
    was back in 2004. 

  4. Omkar Naik says:

    Fed had gained his aura back in this tournament. Shame he lost it, but
    Djokovic was playing invincible tennis also. 

  5. KDM says:

    Wow. Fed was on the attack!

  6. Victor Andonov says:

    Federer at his best! Pleasure to watch :]

  7. Adam Rubinson says:

    actually more like 2:36

  8. DragonFly Jones says:

    God mode was ON

  9. lolitsmatt says:

    @TheMadhir oh yea

  10. naveen kumar reddy says:

    wow that forehand was firing cannons.