25 thoughts on “Gabriela Sabatini v’s Steffi Graf 1990 US Open Final”


  2. @maritomainko Gabriela ama muito a Argentina. Que bom saber que ela tem seu amor correspondido. Ela merece isso.

  3. Ouf, enfin, 1 victoire de prestige qui propulse au rang de ” heroe” a waoman who .I am too happy for the child !

  4. Qué manera de sufrir con sus partidos! Te seguí en todos. También en este. Maradó, Maradó!

  5. @kingcobra76 I concur. Plus, she was one of the players that played the most events/tourneys during the year. She was also a great mover and she was fit as hell.
    I find those claims about laziness totally unfair.

  6. At 1:18 it seems Gaby says “puta!”. Hahahahh. I lament this is the only grand slam she won. I loved her very much.

  7. Gabriela was my favorite by far! I loved everything about her. Her style, her grace, her sweetness,
    She never said anything bad about anyone. Back then most female players always gave credit to the competitor when they lost. Some of the players today don’t do that.

  8. Oops I discovered a mistake: What I meant to say was: How I LOVED to watch Sabatini play! Not ONLY because of her beauty and her gaming style…etc. (I’ve forgotten to type “ONLY” )

  9. a fortiori, the best player of the 90’S for a consecration of “the Mystic” gabriela. All in elle was mysterious in the émotion of the end of this parts; conquérir un Trone n’ est pas sans dilemne : les impots finissent toujours par vous tomber dessus !

  10. I love Steffi. However, she was 10-10 against Navratiova. By the time Steffi reached her prime Martina was 30 years old. You can’t compare.

  11. statistics don’t lie,but statistics dosen’t say about talent,best hand back,gracefully,love by peopleand much more,for me Gaby one of the best tennis players,she was unique.

  12. How I LOVED to watch Sabatini play! Not because of her beauty and her gaming style, but really, every movement she made on the court was like a dance or ballet. Every movemnet she made, from servs to her famous “dropshots” they were all gracefully excecuted…Wow! What a woman! No other female has ever moved and (I guess) will never move like Sabatini…because everyone is unique…

  13. The statistics don’t lie: when you look at Graf’s career record of 22 slam singles titles, one grand slam in 1988, 8 years as #1, each slam won at least 4 times, you have to conclude Steffi Graf is the greatest woman player of the open era.

  14. In 2003 and 2008, Tennis Week ran features identifying the greatest women tennis players of all time by objectively comparing their career statistics. The result?

    “The statistics don’t lie: when you look at Navratilova’s career record of 167 titles, 18 Grand Slam singles titles and an incredible domination of women’s tennis over a five-year period, you have to conclude Martina Navratilova is the greatest women player of the Open Era.”

    – ‘The Best of the Best’, Tennis Week

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