9 thoughts on “1988 US Open Zina Garrison Martina Navratilova”

  1. When Zina was on she was on. She fought injuries and an eating disorder her entire career. This was a great match!

  2. The female commentator, who I take to be Joanne Russell, is having a bit of a bad day. She names Tim Gullikson as Tim Wilkinson, but corrects herself, acts shocked when Martina misses a high backhand overhead (one of the hardest shots in tennis, especially this one hit with topspin and dipping) and then later says that she is in awe of both women for hitting great winners. About as inconsistent as Martina’s play on the day.

  3. Thanks for the post! Great win for Zina but Martina was in the midst of a Grand Slam slump. From the French ’88 thru Australian ’89 Martina only made 1 of 4 Semifinals. And only thru Roz Fairbank choking at the ’88 Wimbledon quarters did she make any semis during this year. Right place at right time scenario here…

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