16 thoughts on “1987 – US Open Women’s Singles – Steffi Graff v Martina Navratilova”

  1. Graf was 75-2 win/loss in 1987, Navratilova 56-8. Graf won 11 tournaments
    (among them the YEC), Navratilova 4. One slam more for Navratilova can’t
    equal this. Winning 2 slams instead of just 1 is maybe more satisfying. It
    doesn’t make you the better player, though.

  2. Martina should have been #1 in 87. She lost 6/4,4/6,/8/6 to Steffi at
    Roland Garros, but beat her in the 2 biggies, The Big W 7/5/6/3 and US Open
    7/6/6/1. History is on the side of this opinion. In 1964 Maria Bueno was
    world ranked #1 because she won the US and Wimbledon titles. Margaret Court
    won Oz & Roland Garros & lost only 2 matches all year to Maria’s 10 losses,
    but Maria was ranked #1 anyway because of winning the Big Two, including a
    6/4,7/9/6/3 win in The Big W final over Court.

  3. Unfortunately for Martina she only won 4 tournaments all year, Graf won 11,
    that was the difference.Their H2H for the year was 2-2.

  4. Which is what many want to do. Lendl himself said that he didn’t try as
    hard in non Slam events because fifty years from now no one would care who
    won Boise, Idaho seven times, but rather who won Wimbledon, The US, Roland
    Garros or Oz (and how many times). The Slams absolutely RULE!

  5. Hello BlueEyes555100, I have the 1986 US Open Semifinal match with
    Navratilova vs Graf but it’s on a VHS tape & I don’t know how 2 upload the
    match 2 Youtube. Any suggestions, tips, advice from U or anybody? And why
    am I the Only Youtube viewer & tennis enthusiast that has this Classic 1986
    US Open semifinal match between Martina & Steffi? Come on people! Lets get
    it 2gether & get this HUGE, UNFORGETTABLE tennis match on Youtube where it

  6. Martina’s backhand volley was a thing of beauty and maybe the best ever.

  7. Thanks for posting. Been searching for years for the 1986 semi between Graf
    and Navratilova, a classic!

  8. Graf got to all 3 slam finals that she enter. She also won 11 tournaments.
    Martina won 4. She won nothing until Wimbledon. Their H2H for the year was
    2-2. So winning 4 tournaments in the second have of the year, even if 2 of
    them are slams doesn’t add up the the best player for that year ! She might
    have had a better chance had she won a few in the first half of the year.

  9. are you serious that Martina should’ve retired in 87? From 1988-1994 she
    won 38 tournaments including Wimbledon. That alone would still place her
    among the top 10 females with the most career tournament wins in the open

  10. Steffi was clearly the best player in 1987. You have to be a US nutter to
    say otherwise.

  11. Re-read my post. I didn’t rank players at year end…the experts did. And
    they ranked Maria at #1 ahead of Maggie because of their record against
    each other in the Slams , which DO COUNT more than regular tournmanents, as
    this shows.

  12. I stand by my post and am backed up by tennis historians. Bud Collins was
    one of those placing Maria over Maggie and I think he is the most
    knowledged tennis historian ever. I’d take winning Wimbledon in 1 year over
    winning Boston, Sarasota and San Francisco in 1 year any day. Look at
    Serena last year. Most experts make her #1 (winning WImbledon, US, Olympic
    singles and WTA chps), yet the computer lists her as #3….Come on
    now…Let’s get serious…The majors make the legend…

  13. Well who was better in 87, was answer the next year with the golden slam,
    Steffi was the better player in 1987, she lost 2 matches.


  15. Steffi was the better player throughout the year. Navratilova won 4
    tournaments Hoffenheim. I remember it was difficult for tennis experts
    because Navratilova won the top 2 tournaments and in straight sets easily
    over Graf. If you take all the tournaments Martina lost to other players
    but Graf only lost to Martina. Martina & Chris in 1987 showed burn out
    while Graf got better. Martina and Chris were way pass their prime and
    should have bowed out in 87. Like Federer now.

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