3 thoughts on “Tommy Robredo Vs Roger Federer US Open 2013 R4 HIGHLIGHTS [HQ]”

  1. Fed plays around too much with his opponents sometimes but I think he can’t
    help himself, it’s his style of play to mix up each point even if that
    means playing balls to straight to an opponent, it probably motivates him
    to play the next point, it would for me and plus it does anyway, because I
    play tennis videogames for years and it’s demotivating beating people over
    and over again so sometimes I play cat and mouse with them on the court but
    on a rare occasion I get beat and it humbles me, I think the same goes for
    Fed’s mindset, Fed is world class and he can afford to be a showman, he
    enjoys PLAYING tennis and so do I, losing is part of success as well,
    and Fed knows that more than me because he’s more successful than me,
    that’s also part of his mindset – Anyway, credit to Robredo for hanging in
    there, I think he was very pleased with that win. Tommy is a classic tennis
    player, he has awesome grunts and world class groundstrokes/passing shots
    so obviously he deserves the win, life goes on but it’s good Tommy got a
    win over Roger otherwise it would be unfair, plus, I think Roger enjoys
    getting beat from time to time, it sort of destroys the myth’s the media
    portray of him out there – what matters to Fed when it comes to winning is
    how well he can clutch in tight situations in matches that really mean
    something to him, because I imagine as time goes on being out there on
    court 24/7 can be extremely demotivating especially when there’s hardly no
    challenge but Robredo earns his bread for this one, classic Tommy just like
    the old days.

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