24 thoughts on “US Open SF 1991 Graf – Navratilova 1/3”

  1. super tennis! ich weiss bis heute nicht, ob ich martina oder steffi den daumen zum sieg drücken soll..sie sind beide extraklasse!

  2. Martina was smart as hell. Late in her career she developed her backhand topspin down the line, and her forehand drive down the line. This made a huge difference on return of serve….

  3. @Hoffenheim08 Sorry, but no. Graf won ten slams until the stabbing of Seles, and only two slams in 2.5years when Seles totally dominated the sport. Let’s face it, with Parche, Graf’s record is totally inflated……Also, Martina own ALL the individual records……

  4. One singles slam title is worth more than 10 doubles and more than 100 mixed doubles titles.
    But this shows how desperate the Navratilova fangirls are …

  5. That’s s good point – all of the winning 18 slams if we exclude the “Grand Slam”.
    It’s indeed those 4 slams of the glorious year 1988 that sets Steffi apart from Evert and Navratilova. And what a difference that is!!!

  6. And that sole difference still doesn’t make one the greatest, as proven in front of your very eyes in this video and also other videos.

    Don’t tell me you respect other greats if your post only glorified Graf, refused to say/acknowledge what they did better than Graf AND you refuse to include Monica Seles among players you respect above. FAIL. Nuff said.

  7. Nope. Not exactly that. But first, you keep making excuses to lower their achievements and second, you failed to note their more obvious records which are better than Graf. I don’t want to say which one, it has been said numerous times and if you’re not in delusion, you can point it out yourself.

    Don’t blame people if they do the same excuses to lower Graf’s achievements since fans never want to respect their idol’s rivals basically. Not to mention what the most crazed ones will do… like you.

  8. The bottom line is, you’re in delusion yourself if you refuse and disregard completely the other side of facts and stats. It may still be in favor of Graf, but it shows that she’s not the greatest one.

  9. The fact is, you’re one of the most biased and polarizing Graf fan ever. Sorry, you’re in delusion. Graf can’t stay forever in memory without mentioning the name of other greats beside or above her.

    If you really made a good job, then you don’t have to appear here every now and then.

  10. So? there’s nothing you can do about it. It’s more than several thousands. It’s not only those who didn’t like, but also those who didn’t bother to judge and those who simply respect her work but not really like her.

    People will eventually get to know more about “the other side of coin” and be informed evenly. I see where your fear came from. You don’t want people to think that after all, Graf is not the greatest. Let’s see the result of your effort here. So far it’s looking ugly.

  11. I see many people didn’t agree with you either, starting from here. You just can’t live with the fact that Steffi is not the greatest for “some” that you decided to do your stuff here. Once all of you got older you will realize that you are so silly. Enjoy what you do until you’re satisfied.

  12. You don’t have to follow her example. Just want to tell you how ironic it is.

    And no, she’s not the greatest.

  13. OK. You call her the most modest sportswoman. Why don’t you guys follow her example?

    Why is it very hard to accept that not everyone can regard her as the greatest?

  14. comments here are so missing the point.. this is some of the most exquisite tennis form we are ever to see.. beautiful tennis serve and volley classic service performed by lovers of the game-we just don’t see this anymore !! baseline only women players serving just aces is about as boring as any sport we will ever see, these two brought a determined skilful beauty to the game & in classic white i may add.. download and save for our pleasure before it’s deleted by censors..

  15. I never said she was the greatest! there a quite a few greats, and its only a game you know!! and how can someone bring the worst out in their fans! what a stupid comment…

  16. Yup. This is directed to all including the most delusional Graf fan. One of the greats, NOT the greatest.

  17. 22 grand slam titles and she isn’t 1 of the greats!! get a grip people!!…

  18. From Gunther Parche in 1993 and now we have Hoffenheim08 online.

    Graf brings the worst out of her fans.

  19. how does hoffenheim seem to find every graf video. I like steffi graff, but come on man!

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