Some of the biggest stars in the sports world in America made out time to comment on Tom Brady being the Greatest of All Time – GOAT.

Basketball topshot LeBron James, Women tennis GOAT Serne Williams, Olympics legend Michael Phelps and one of the most talented and respected golf star to lead the next generation Jordan Spieth all joined in to talk about the Supe Bowl winner.

Williams, who won her 23rd career Grand Slam title recently in Australia, said that Brady’s consistency is top notch.

“The hardest part about sustaining greatness over a period of time is people wanting to catch up with you and you having to do things better, you having to surprise people,” Williams said.

“He wasn’t intimated by the situation. He kind of looked it right in the eye and he was like, ‘I’m going to take you down, and I don’t care who I’m playing against, I don’t care what statistics say. I’m going to do this,” she added.

Her statement mirrors Brady’s career who was not a runner in most part of his career. He has made all the difference since 2014.

Phelps liked that Brady does not back down from any challenge while Spieth hailed the quarterback’s “mental ability to kind of slow time and to make decisions so fast.”

James – with three NBA titles and four MVP awards – is one of the biggest names in the BB world. He said: “What we’re chasing isn’t just about being great. What we’re chasing is about being the greatest of all time. Tom Brady’s legacy is one word: champion.”

Since the Super Bowl LI, Brady has been trending online as he continues to receive accolades for his MVP performance.