25 thoughts on “Sampras rallying Agassi, US Open 2002”

  1. @Thutmosis7
    Yah they strike alike. I think Agassi was probably the funnest player to watch because of the control he had striking

  2. @Thutmosis7
    Nadal is a better mover and grinder and thats why he wins. Movement is SO important in tennis obviously, but Agassi’s groundstrokes are better.

  3. @mikatagahara1212
    Yeah… Winners usually make your opponent feel pretty awkward…

  4. this video is a tribute to Sampras’ all-court ability…Rafter and Tim Henman were true serve & volley players, but both of them combined could not pull off half the shots that Pete made in this match.

    imo, the current generation of tennis players play a boring brand of tennis – its all baseline and lacking variety….i miss the daring nature and the quick reflexes of serve and volley tennis

    and for the record: Pete > Roger (nostalgic biased tennis fan of the 90s)

  5. @mikatagahara1212 id give anything to hit a forehand like he did….even turn my good looking one into this akward one of his

  6. @mikatagahara1212 ugliness is relative to the eye of the beholder. besides, it’s not that bad unlike some other pros we could mention.

    just watch what he did with the ball especially on the running forehand than the aesthetics of his stroke.

    they grew up in the time of wooden rackets and the early players rackets

  7. @cj397 I realize, but Sampras’ is particularly ugly. Like you can’t pretend that it isn’t, even when he hits awesome forehands.

  8. @mikatagahara1212 classic style, eastern grip. tucked elbow. pretty common in the late 80’s to 90’s.

  9. @huangyishi
    Yeah, I have to admit the same.
    Great game by Pete. In this shape he could beat most players today, even Nadal and Federer.

  10. @yoChris76 I am glad u agree. Cuz even federer said he idolize sampras alot. So he grow up watching him. The one thing sampras didn’t have that fed now do, is the French Open. But without it he is still one of the greatest of all time.

  11. @Thutmosis7 I’ve thought that alot of late too.. Sampas and Federer both returned service then immediately returned to center, and both have a simliar style of play.

  12. As good as Agassi was, it seemed that on this day Sampras had all the answers. The number of winners that he was hitting was incredible.

  13. There is some similarity to the way pete and roger play. I think roger seem to remind me of pete sampras alot. Nadal is more of agassi type. But a better version of him.

  14. If I’m boring you stop responding dumbass!!!

    Keep making idiotic excuses and dumb logic 4 Roger in your own mind. A myriad of reasons 4 Fed in 08 and no credit to Nadal (“can’t beat in for Fed”)… wait am I putting words in your mouth again??

    Yet in 09 it’s all Fed and nothing to do with Nadal’s physical ailments. Hypocrite!!! So keep making excuses for your boy, and I’ll keep telling you 2 remove your head from his ass!!!!

    There’s a world beyond Federer’s rectum!!!

  15. Stop bullshitting will you. I never knew 15 was FIVE TIMES as much as 12. Must be that new math.

    Del Potro, Davydenko, Benneteau, Tsonga, Wawrinka. Remove them and it’s 7 loss year for Fed, better than 07. But you don’t mention those. You use those bad losses as crutch cuz you can’t accept Fed lost. Deal with it!!! If he wins 2/3 slams in 08 those minor losses don’t matter, cuz they didn;t matter to you in ’09!!!!

    So stop bullshitting!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. Dont put words in my mouth I never used. Of course they dont matter. As I said (read it again) – they DO matter when they start to appear 5 times as often as before.

  17. So Fed is not playing well, cuz he didn’t hold in one game. Didn’t know ONE game is the decider of one’s playing level.

    Wawrinka in 09, like Volandri in 07, Gasquet 05, Costa 04. benneteau, like Henamn in Rotterdam 04, Canas 07, Murray 06.

    If Fed wins multiple slams in 2008 how much do those losses matter?? Tell me?? Don’t cowar as usual.

  18. What ifs again. IF he holds. But he didnt. You cant say Federers in or out of form compared to players like Blake and Berdych cause hed win with them oftem with his eyes closed.

    Lost 15 matches in 2008, 12 in 2009 but who did he lose to in 2009? Murray twice, Djokovic 3 times, Del Potro twice, Nadal once, Davydenko 1, Tsonga 1 and some random losses to Wawrinka (straight after his wedding), Bennetau (totally unprepared),

    In 2008 those random losses appeared 5 times as often.

  19. So in Wimbledon 08 he didn’t produce the goods.

    He got to the final without dropping a set and getting broken just twice. That’s not bringing the goods. Other than the 2nd half of the 2nd set, where did his performance drop so drastically?

    Again take out Djoko/Nadal and it’s likely another multi slam year. He lost 15 matches in 08. He lost 12 in 09?!?

  20. Losing early in small tournaments is something that comes with time. It’s natural they don’t mean as much.

    But AO 08 lost 3 gams in 1st 2 rds, dishing 2 bagels. He served 4 1st set vs Tipsarevic at 5-4, if he holds he wins that match 6-4,7-6,5-7,6-1. Straight setted Blake & Berdych, and erved for the 1st vs an on fire Djokovic.

    Other than the 2nd set vs Djoko explain how his performance dipped so drastically?

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