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  1. Agassi lost to becker at wimbledon that year , and becker said nasty things about him, so this was agassi’s summer of revenge, he just wanted to beat Becker, he totaly beat him in the semi and used all his menthal and physical power to do so..he reached the final exaust..same thing happened in 2002 against hewitt, Pete’s serve allowed him to not use much energy during his match, anyhow two great champions.

  2. agassi has the advantage of the point untill the 10th second (forehand but hes forwarding..)….from this and all the point hes defending…..

  3. 3 greatest matches ever. borg and mac 1980 wimbledon final. this one. and pete and andre us open quarterfinal 2001

  4. Great summary. You forgot few things: tie-break in early 70s. Halfpant in 30s and then 50s, Grand slam term used for the first time in the 30s. Allowing the servers to hit the ball in the air without having one feet on the ground in 1958.

  5. Petes forehand was faster than the forehand of current players despite very small head, racquet coming from 80ś and not that developed strings. In Wimby 99 final it was the hardest hit shot, except a couple of first services!!

  6. No man, even that one was 45 strokes rally, this one was 22 hard core strokes much more fierce,harder, faster and riskier rally. Much better.

  7. No man, even that one was 45 strokes rally, this one was 22 hard core strokes much more fierce,harder, faster and riskier rally. Much better.

  8. Great rally from two legends, but Federer vs Hewitt in Indian wells 2005 has to be the best rally ever.

  9. The major changes in tennis:
    The open era in the mid sixities: Laver & others became pro.
    The 2-hand backhand in mid seventies. Jimbo and Borg
    New Rackets ca. 1980: graphite fibers.
    more & more speed: Becker´s aces, lendl forehand.
    1990-95: the bollitieri school establishes the new standard for aggressive baseline tennis.
    Now: Better carbon, larger heads, wide bodies >> more&more speed and spin.
    Nadal plays an aggressive topspin never before. All top players serve over 200 km/h.

  10. That particular point marked the big change in tennis. It started with the new generation of the Bollitieri school: Chang, Agassi, Courier, Sampras. Becker said, that he needed years to adapt to this new speed from the baseline. He succeeded, as he played on the same level against Pete in Hannover Masters final in 96. Today this speed is standard. Waht will be the next change?

  11. Hi Halochief, t u for comment.
    You are right, modern materials and bigger racket heads are possibly the decisive reason for the increased speed.
    That makes it so difficult to compare the Borg-Connors era with today.
    Anyway, Agassi is using a large head HEAD racket in that match and Federer uses a racket of more or less the same size as Sampras did. Some say it is still the old ProStaff. The surface in Melbourne is faster then the old one, Nadal won! Agassi & Pete put the game on a new level.

  12. ulizinho: not really man. wimbledon and the us open and ao have all been slowed down to tailor to nadal and the baseliner style. and even IF such speed is standard, you’re forgetting that pete and the like played with 80 and 85 inch headsizes, with the sweetspot of a quarter and still hit that fast. Nowadays you have carbon fiber rackets with 100 inch headsizes used by pros, and massie sweetspots, but they’re serving slower (except for roddick of course but look at his headsize)

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