20 thoughts on “Sabatini vs Graf US Open 1988 (4/4)”

  1. I think in 1990, she got a new coach and won the US Open. She had some difficulty with confidence. 

  2. Esto es tenis de verdad! increible partido! Gaby, la jugadora mas talentosa que he visto pisar una cancha de tenis.Exquisita!

  3. BS.
    Nobody played more matches against Graf WITHOUT being out of gas in the end than Sabatini.

  4. Yeah, I think it’s cuz her game in general was very tiring. She spent alot of energy brushing the ball. She was much more successful after 1990 when she started coming to the net and shortening the points. I love watching the players from before though! The players now have very similar looking games- big baseline bashing – not too much individuality.

  5. I had to go shopping in 1991(my mum took me out!) so I made her set the video to record the Wimbledon final. The video didn’t work!!! I have never seen it. I’d love to see it even if it is 18 years too late!

  6. It was such a played scene when Gaby played the superior Steffi, Gaby always pooping out in the third set they were all the same!!! In 89 Steffi winning 3-6 6-4 6-2, 93 Steffi again 6-2 5-7 6-1, I think if Steffi had won the 2nd set in the 90 final we would have seen Steffi win again 6-1 in a 3rd set.

  7. I too will be ever so grateful when you post the third set. For one thing, it is the determining set in the last Grand Slam ever made (for those of us who don’t like all the constant redefining of the term)./ And secondly, I just love to watch ANY footage of these two, and especially, I admit, I love to watch Graf’s hopping and running. And her concentration. You can feel her intensity right through the screen!

  8. But the third set is where Graf won the historic calender-year Grand Slam that has never been done since, so you gotta show it! Pleeease.

  9. What a shame.

    In this match the crowd was with Gaby and I can imagine why…

    On the other hand, I remembered that Gaby did win Seles at Rome in 1992, Do you have it? or Sabatini-Graf final Wimbledon 1991?

    Thanks, Gaby is one of the most elegant tennis players I´ve ever seen.

  10. it´s pretty entertaining to see gaby´s game plan against Graf, She had the skills to win this match and many grand Slam finals.

    Estel 74 Could you please post the 3rd set?
    Thanks. Saludos desde México

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