Roger Federer vs Tommy Robredo ~ US Open 2013 Round 4 Full Highlights

US Open Movie Ranking: 4 / five

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13 Responses to “Roger Federer vs Tommy Robredo ~ US Open 2013 Round 4 Full Highlights”

  1. The Jihad Hunter says:

    No USA man in top 10… boo hoo…haha…XD

  2. andresa1963 says:

    Well, we’ll see… in my book… it’s over

  3. andresa1963 says:

    why such… Robredo won righteously

  4. Alex Plant says:

    Robredo is 31, Federer is 32. Federer has just gone up from 7th to 5th in
    the world rankings, he’s far from finished…

  5. naveen kumar reddy says:

    i think federer should use down the line slice though it is not a
    percentage shot to avoid that loop of shots coming to his backhand

  6. andresa1963 says:

    That’s right… it is retirement time now man.

  7. Bhaskar Kaviraj says:

    Is this real?

  8. pirontes says:

    f** u Robredo.

  9. zapokaratmarat says:

    Tommy Robredo is a kind of a player that I would never think that can beat
    federer in straight sets. But this is a proof that Roger is really done…

  10. Terance722 says:

    Why is it that some women’s matches have full matches but none of the men’s
    matches do?

  11. 3PointShootingStar1 says:

    I like their backhands.

  12. 3PointShootingStar1 says:

    Im happy djokovic is ranked 2 and nadal is ranked 1

  13. Fox Soccer Channel says: