6 thoughts on “Roger Federer – Us Open 2013 Promo (HD)”

  1. So what I am saying is that SINCE 2008 federer has not been flawless BUT, every one of his little slumps was followed by flashes of genius. Those don’t just disappear for champions of his quality. Each year since 2008 he went through phases of losses, disappointments, but then streaks and 1 grand slam a year. That is enough to keep his status of GOAT at his age, untouched. Now Federer faces his biggest challenge, hes got a gun against his head, and this time it will take everything he has

  2. 2008 was tough but he finished it amazingly with US open. 09 he was brilliant. 010 he got Aussie Open rest was not to good. 011 was bad but ended well. 2012 – wimbly and some masters titles but ended badly. 013 – not soo good THUS FAR, waiting to seee if he can start playing great again to win another title, tho with Nadal QF set, doubt it.

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