Roger Federer vs Juan Monaco US Open 2011 HD

US Open Video Rating: five / 5

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8 Responses to “Roger Federer vs Juan Monaco US Open 2011 HD”

  1. kitaek70 says:

    Did he say it was going to be a tough match, that was an understatement.

  2. unowen7591 says:

    After that first set from Federer, if I was Monaco I would’ve just packed by bags and walked away.

  3. SuperYawo says:

     O M G !!! Roger is soooooo GOOD !

  4. danmiester4800 says:

    what time did it start

  5. wxsty says:

    This is like tennis porn

  6. TheFieryFurnace2012 says:

    Love the interviews, walk on and adverts. Thanks!

  7. mrNaiman009 says:

    thanks :)

  8. aleksanderioide says:

    Monaco is Nadal’s and Federer’s bunny!! Took 3 games against Roger here and 2 games against Nadal at the French Open. Great job mrNaiman009!!!