Roger Federer vs Andy Roddick US Open 2006 Final

US Open up Movie Score: 4 / 5

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23 Responses to “Roger Federer vs Andy Roddick US Open 2006 Final”

  1. Jeteso2009 says:

    Not exactly. Roger is special, he wasn’t just in a single generation of tennis players, he won again two generations, and its amazing how he still on the battle with 32 years.

  2. ilhan sarmad says:

    And Nadal did the same with Federer

  3. Mene7dil says:

    The GS’s finals style has changed a lot. They used to be much more aggressive with this kind of players in them.

  4. egghead268 says:

    Or Andy never adapted to Roger’s, Nadal’s, Djokovic’s, and Murray’s game

  5. Stylaz21 says:

    People seriously underestimate prime Fed and his opposition. This Roddick was really really good, but just look at Federer’s footwork, accuracy, power, speed and fitness here. It’s phenomenal.

  6. extradutyfelt1 says:

    that is a more realistic way of describing it..

  7. ASDFWERQEWR says:

    So it should be changed into “Roger ruined Andy’s Grand Slam record.”

  8. Deadeye287 says:

    How can a player be the youngest American in history to become world number 1 and not have talent though? But I do agree with you, we won’t see that again, before Roger came along the tennis world thrived on specializing in certain areas, which lead to everyone being one-dimensional, but now everyone has to be great at everything.

  9. extradutyfelt1 says:

    I don´t agree, at all..change of pace? andy alway´s used the slice backhand a lot and his top spin forehand, together with some flat shot´s, he alway´s mixed up the pace, off the ground, along with variety on serve..are you saying ,he doesn´t have creativity, because he doesn´t crack a load of winner´s, like federer, is that it?

  10. Emusicmix says:

    he would rarely take command of the point midway through, or show any creativity on court. a steady, powerful game with little inventiveness or change of pace.

  11. extradutyfelt1 says:

    so, you´re saying, he´s one dimensional, because all he did was serve well?

  12. Emusicmix says:

    very little. -His power and stamina were undeniable. But I don’t think we’ll ever see again such a one dimensional player stay in the top 10 for as long as he did… and I like Andy for the record. he’s a fair guy.

  13. extradutyfelt1 says:

    you don´t think it takes talent, to serve the way andy does..and hit the big forehand, he used to hit, in the past..

  14. Emusicmix says:

    and he did all that without an ounce of talent. commendable

  15. Prieche Meggi says:

    if roddick won a grand slam with no talent kudos to him, means he worked very hard

  16. Emusicmix says:

    talent vs no talent

  17. extradutyfelt1 says:

    thanks and nearly 10 years straight, finishing in the top 10 also.

  18. Bharat Bansal says:

    well said

  19. edge1991fly says:

    Don’t understand those who say that Roger didn’t have opponents to play with, and that’s why he was #1 so much time. Roddick, as just watched in this video, really played amazing tennis. Safin was also a great champion. Blake and his destructive backhand, Gonzalez and his destructive forehand, Davydenko, Hewitt, Nalbandian, and Nadal himself, just to name but a few. Long live the king of tennis Roger Federer, and also so much respect for the other great players of this beautiful sport!!…

  20. jayze494 says:

    perhapts it should not be called ‘ruined’ , but most certainly roddick would’ve won multiple more slams and master titles if it wasn’t for federer. no other player keapt beating him as consistantly in big matches as fed did.

  21. extradutyfelt1 says:

    many other players would have more titles as well..if roger didnt exist. that doesn´t just apply to a-rod..

  22. Jeteso2009 says:

    yes, Andy’s carrer is a good carrer, but withouy Roger in the middle, andy roddick would habeat least 60 titles.. or maybe more..

  23. springfield03sniper says:

    Still, if Roddick played like this now he would be at least top 15. Now he pushes too much. I believe that under Connors he played some of his best tennis. His BH was better and he was very aggressive