Arantxa Sanchez Vicario, reckons Serena Williams is a class

The former Spanish player, Arantxa Sanchez Vicario, reckons Serena Williams is a class above the rest on the tour at the moment.

According to Arantxa, Serena’s game is a combination of power and skill and she has got a huge appetite for success as well. If she remains this hungry and continues to be as fit as she currently is, it’s not going to be easy by any means to displace her from the top of the world rankings.

Arantxa is, however, of the view that the American veteran is not the greatest of all time. Steffi Graff is slightly ahead of her in that regard simply because of the fact that she has been the winner of more number of slams and she has managed to achieve the feat of having all the four slams under her belt during the same season, something which Serena is deprived of so far.

Speaking about Serena the other day, Arantxa said, “Watching Serena closely, you don’t really find any weakness there. She looks far superior to the others around her. There’s a big gap in quality. The way she is going and if she can maintain her fitness, I don’t think anyone would be able to stop her very soon.”

“If you have to knock her out of the majors, you need to look to do it in the first or the second round. She might be a little complacent and go easy in those games, but, once she gets into the groove, it would get virtually impossible for you as an opponent to get on top of her. In big games, she always turns it on.”

When asked to pick one out of Serena and Graff, the Spaniard said, “I would go with Steffi if you put me on the spot. She’s had twenty two to her name and Golden Slam too. So, I would give it to her at this point of time.”