25 thoughts on “Agassi vs. Sampras US Open 2002”

  1. doktorandrula, if that is what you really think of serve-volleyerers, you might want to look up records between Federer and Rafter. Just because today’s players in average have better baseline games, that does not mean they have better passing shots. For instance, someone like Novak who plays right at the baseline like Agassi would have good chance against volleyers while someone like Nadal who plays good 8 ft behind the baseline would have much tougher time. It is all about match ups.

  2. @mrbobevans Sampras best ever on grass?? agreed. Top 3 all-time on hard or fast indoor?? agreed. Serve and volley way more exciting than nadal vs djokovic?? agreed. Sampras not great on clay due to medical illness?? What the hell are you talking about??

  3. I thought an even better match was the year Safin won the final over Sampras, the Sampras/Agassi night match in the semi-final was about perfect, all tie-breakers I think

  4. excelente lo que hacen estos dos jugadores, es muy dificil decir q alguien es el mejor jugador de todos los tiempos,eso se mide el nº de semanas como nº1 siendo a si el mejor seria pet o en nº de gran slam ganados seria roger

  5. great match, although i agree with Agassi: today’s matches, esp with federer, djokovic, nadal, etc, are of MUCH higher quality (they make sampras and agassi look as if they have feet of lead).

  6. @doktorandrula I find Andy Murray’s game to be one of the most boring styles of all-time. He is slightly more fun to watch than Roddick.

  7. @DjokOwnsNadull Your nuts. Sampras is in everyone’s top 5 player of all-time. He is the best ever on grass, and in the top 3 on fast hard. Yeah, he was not great on clay, but that was due to his medical illness. And if he beat Agassi in that classic Australian semi, he may have been considered the best ever. Tennis needs serve and volley to come back the way Pete played. To me personally, I find the Djokovic vs. Nadal tmatches to be boring. Pete/Andre matches are my personal favorite.

  8. I know we have seen some truly great Finals in Slams, Borg v McEnroe at Flushing Meadow, Federer v Nadal and Federer v Roddick at Wimbledon, but to me this will always be my favorite as the Greatest Final ever . To have witnessed Sampras brilliant run thru to the Final, and rolling back all the years to come with this truly amazing victory against the best player at the time, this is truly 1 of sports greatest and most iconic moments

  9. What is particularly good about this match is that both players, especially Sampras, had been written off.

  10. @themios72 Nadal only owns Federer on one surface and that’s clay. Until last year, Nadal couldn’t even make it to the finals of the US, Australian, or Wimbeldon. He always got put down by someone who wasn’t even seeded high. Nadal only really has a good record on one surface and Federer still gives him a run for him money every time on that surface.

  11. @themios72 Federer still has more slams. Nobody looks at Win loss ratio to other players. They look at the Grand Slam record.

  12. they call federer the greatest of all time right? ok you tell me how can you be called the greatest of all time if your main rival=nadal owns you.

  13. connors, mcenroe, lendl, wilander, edberg, cash, becker, agassi, courier, chang, etc all these guys grand slam champions which sampras owned.

  14. @Mirakenic

    Disagree. Pete is the best grass cour player of all time, not overall the best Tennis player. He was too average on clay.

  15. Sampras always beat Agassi at The US and Wimbledon, and Agassi won at The Aus and French. I think they were quite even. You get some Sampras fans who claim that he owned Agassi, that is complete bullshit. They were pretty even. Agassi beat Sampras 14 times.

    I would take Agassi as a better player than Sampras as he had a better French Open record by far, and infact won every major. Sampras was awful at The French, and this relegates him to being outside the top 10 all time list.

  16. @acalin5 Todays tennis is so fucking boring..the surfaces became so slow…its annoying..

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