Agassi vs. Sampras 2001 US Open Highlights

US Open up Video Rating: 4 / five

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25 Responses to “Agassi vs. Sampras 2001 US Open Highlights”

  1. gonzytomy says:

    un partido increible el primero que pude ver de estos dos grandes jugadores es para admirarlos

  2. Klamsy4Life says:

    1 day after that match there was no world trade center anymore……

  3. farneyblakeley says:

    I remember this night match, amazing vibe just watching it on tv can’t imagine being there. seemed like Sampras had a morning hangover against Safin and Hewitt those years in the finals

  4. LilitaEsperanza07 says:

    este duelo es clasico, sin duda este tenis era de otro nivel,el de ahora es aburrido y feo!, y vaya que el jugador que mas me gusta es federer, pero pobrecito no es justo para el, sinceramente su tenis bonito no encaja con el tenis horrendo de nadal, y luego es 5 años mayor, que rivalidad tan estupida!, hubiera pagado por verlo jugar contra agassi, sampras o becker que si tienen un tenis de altura igual que el, lastima que de rival le toco un pasabolas que gana por lo mental y no por el talento

  5. Zebes14 says:

    The best match i have ever seen!

  6. mrbobevans says:

    @youziness Why does Federer struggle against Nadal? And would a Federer in his prime, ie 2005, beat a Nadal in his prime?

  7. theolaurent says:

    One of the best matches I have ever seen, and have seen a lot! Remember watching it live in Spain, several hours in front of US time! Every single point contested with intensity. Absolutely no lulls. USO audience at their best – gave a standing ovation at start of final tie break. Agree with many, especially after watching that again, that no one has been better than Pete Sampras. No one does ‘slam dunks with nobs on´ for a start!

  8. SoooBlue says:

    @gornhorror I’m not one for declaring someone the best ever because TO A CERTAIN EXTENT, you just can’t compare era’s however, Pete Sampras was one hell of a match player, he was no choker and he never became a choker. He was clutch until the day he retired.

    Who do we have outside of the top 5 today (and even then, the top 5 isn’t even great, Soderling never brings it any more and Murray chokes in every slam plus Nadal and Federer are shadows of their former selves) Ferrer, Berdych, Monfils?

  9. gornhorror says:

    @SoooBlue Couldn’t of said it better myself. Exactly…….Where are all the players that want to force the action now??????? I still say Pete was the best ever. He played in a time where the competition at the top was the stiffest.

  10. SoooBlue says:

    @squirtaka Every retiring generation spouts the same nonsense, if they didn’t, they’d look like bitter old men. Do you also believe Juan Carlos Ferrero when he said that he played just as well in 2008 as he did in 2003?

    Please do go on with your ‘list’. How you can compare Djokovic’s and Mcenroe’s attitude is beyond me, they are nothing alike. Federer and Sampras also had a very different style of play. And as I said, please do go on with your list. Monfils, Fish top 10 etc.

  11. squirtaka says:

    @SoooBlue hey I have nothing against yesterday’s tennis, but even the old timmers agree. Today’s tennis is as hard as beautiful if not more than the 90’s and earlier tennis.

    If you are looking for style of play. Federer and Sampras have… if you are looking for sheer determination on court, Aggassi and Nadal have, If you are looking for an on court joker with attitude McEnroe and Djokovic … The list goes on…

  12. diamondssjordan says:


  13. aleoferdie says:

    @SoooBlue That’s it. This is tennis. Today’s bullshit… still don’t know what the hell it is.

  14. Viandox says:

    Much much better tennis than today.

  15. petrusss555 says:

    se extraña este duelo!!!!

  16. calugcug21 says:

    @splendid1000 yeah, well I think we have something in common, Im quite tired arguing about this

  17. splendid1000 says:

    I didnt switch to anything. I dont know who the GOAT is, thats what I’m trying to say. Im saying there are reasons for and against each of the top candidates and theres no clear winner.

  18. Megajanitor says:

    @splendid1000 lol you posted a little too much >>

  19. calugcug21 says:

    @splendid1000 then why did you switch to laver? lmao, fed is the goat you dumbfuck, and you are the person who has the abnormal retardation cuz your mum is fat and your dad is gay

  20. Leonardo4190 says:

    Pure Greatness .. Not The Stupid MoonBalling As Today .. Miss You Sampras <3

  21. splendid1000 says:

    LoL, you’re kidding right ? Please tell me this is a joke. Noone can be this stupid. No, I don’t admit Fed is better than Sampras LOL. I just wrote an entire paragraph explaining why he’s not better than Sampras and why he’s definitely not the GOAT.HAHAHA. I now realize I am dealing with a person who suffers from abnormal retardation.

  22. calugcug21 says:

    @splendid1000 so you admit that fed is better than sampras which earlier in the comments you said that sampras is gonna destroy fed? i don’t give a fuck if you don’t give a fuck! It’s called grand slam now and that’s what I said if you can’t read properly then I can send you some glasses fuckface

  23. splendid1000 says:

    As for Fed and Sampras lol, you have in no way proven Fed pwns Sampras. Until you can prove that Fed dominated on the extreme surfaces of the 90s and not the pussy ass slowed down circuit that exists today, stfu. Even if Fed wins 30 slams, I will never consider him the GOAT. Not until he dominates on a real circuit with traditional surfaces, AND dominates Nadal, will I EVER consider him the GOAT. Go watch some Fed vids fagget, I heard he did an anal scene with Nadal a few weeks ago in France LOL

  24. splendid1000 says:

    I switched to Laver because you used Fed’s 16 slams as proof that he is the GOAT. If you are gonna use total slam wins as criteria for determining the GOAT then you would have to consider Laver the GOAT. I dont give a fuck what the slam happens to be called when he won it LOL. A slam is a slam and he faced the same top competition he would have faced whether it was called a ‘Grand’ Slam or a ‘Pro’ Slam. You clearly have pussy lips tucked between those pathetic legs.

  25. calugcug21 says:

    @splendid1000 that’s why I said grand slams huh? you pwned your fucking self bitch. grandslam is what it is called today and now you switch to rod laver because CLEARLY FED PWNS SAMPRAS, and now I’m ready to help fed to say to you faggot that he is better than laver bitch