7 thoughts on “1983 U S Open Martina Navratilova Chris Evert Part 4”

  1. i don’t think any women in history could have got that ball over her head
    deep in the backcourt and rifled it back down the line for a winner like
    martina… most wouldn’t never get their racket on it! truly amazing
    athleticism from martina! incredible! not to mention doing this with a
    early 80’s graphite racket! yeah, if any match EVER underscored evert’s
    need for a change in rackets it was this match… it was like 2 different
    sports being played on separate sides of the court!… it was like evert
    playing with a wooden spoon going up against someone who was already more
    powerful, faster and stronger then her martina playing with a chainsaw!

  2. Goodness, are they both gorgeous. Zenith of elegance, charisma and beauty
    in Tennis. Two majestic women.

  3. @ Quinn Miller. It is not a fair comparison to make between Navratilova’s
    1983 U.S. Open and Graf’s 1988 French Open in terms of the number of games
    they lost in winning those two major tournaments because the two tennis
    court surfaces at those two major tournaments are completely different. The
    French Open is played on slow red clay courts whereas the U.S. Open is
    played on fast Deco-Turf hard courts. It would only be a fair comparison if
    the two tennis court surfaces were the same. 

  4. Martina lost 19 games in 7 matches to win this tournament. To put that in
    perspective, Graf lost 20 at the ’88 French Open when everyone said she was
    unbeatable. The modern-era record goes to Chris, I believe. She lost 12
    games (only 6 matches played though) in ’76 to win the US Open. What a
    difference a few years make: in ’80, Chris won this to make it 5 out of 6
    while Martina lost in the 4th round and had yet to make a final here.

  5. Martina was is great form. Never moved better or hit with more accuracy
    and power. Evert really wasn’t in the first set and only got her teeth
    into things late in the second. This match underlines her need to get
    ‘modern’ with her racket. This was the last time you’d see a wooden racket
    in a major final. Very gracious speeches.

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