US Open 2009 Roger Federer – Juan Martin Del Potro (full match)

US Open up Video clip Ranking: four / 5

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21 Responses to “US Open 2009 Roger Federer – Juan Martin Del Potro (full match)”

  1. Dean Dalton says:

    how u say he deserved to win, whoever wins deserves to win zayne

  2. Indul1 says:

    federer about to serve for two sets to love and 30-0 up and then the point at 30-15 when he hits a strange drop shot when he should have rammed away that short del porto return for a winner, he would be sitting on 18 grand slams today…

  3. Artur Araujo says:


  4. Lumière Noire says:

    and the only player to win a grand slam 6 times in a row… very frustrating defeat…especially since del potro is a player he has beaten many times

  5. Artur Araujo says:

    no, federer deserved cause he would become the tennis player that won the us open more than 5 times

  6. Asmar93ify says:

    Cheating what the fuck??? Delpo won match stop crying federer worshippers

  7. Ipodtouch5GS says:

    Go to tennischannelnetwork channel for a HD version of this match and has the first few games too !!!

  8. Opisthocoelicaudia00 says:

    I think you mean NON-calendar.

  9. ESPN1832 says:

    3:45:50 El momento mas lindo del video sin dudaaas. Grande Delpooo!!!!!!

  10. 1945CCCP says:

    Дорогие комментаторы. ваша задача не сопереживать а комментировать !

  11. XXbob1993 says:

    grand slam calender my ass dickhead

  12. General0208 says:

    If not the cheating ‘Del Potro then federer would have won a grand slam calender !!!

  13. Flowerofchaos says:

    i think federer lost this match in the second set… if he had broken for the second time when he had the opportunity,m or if he hadn’t been broken 1 game away from 2-0 lead, he couldn’t have lost the match… too bad he lost the 6 straight championships…

  14. florianforrer13 says:

    Why only on russian?

  15. Fer Barrientos says:

    idolo delpo!! este partido llore como boludo jajja fue tremendo partido y ademas historico para delpo!

  16. Jovan Ivanovic says:


  17. Penn Williams says:

    I agree … Delpo is earning his way back into the fray, not to mention the respect of tennis fans everywhere, but given the unfortunate surgery that forced him into skipping the entire 2010 season, he is no where near the player we’re seeing here.

  18. batmannotahero says:

    No he isn’t. People keep talking about how his forehand was much weaker after the surgery recovery. I think now his forehand is back in form, but this has overshadowed another vital aspect of his game; his backhand. His backhand is nothing what it used to be. Without improving this area, he will never win another Slam.

  19. dalequeva74 says:

    He’s back

  20. Leonardo4190 says:

    Roger should have never lost this match ..

  21. Bob Jones says:

    you have my utmost respect for enduring through days to upload this video