Venus Williams has greatly helped Cardiff City midfielder, Stephen McPhail in learning how to recover from Sjogren’s Syndrome, a medical condition that brings in fatigue and joint pain. Williams had battled with the illness and won 43 women’s singles titles.

It has been known that McPhail was left out from Sunday’s Carling Cup Final against Liverpool. McPhail has thanked Venus for her help and support. The duo had a common discussion about the illness and William’s personal struggle against it. Venus is said to have huge interest in the game and is a follower of Cardiff City.

Venus’s advice seems to have made McPhail confident about his return. Currently she is persistent on her advice to McPhail. She is doing everything to make McPhail battle his way back to the Cardiff squad. Venus started talking about her syndrome since last September. Soon after her advice, McPhail had reportedly come down to Los Angeles for having an expert’s comment about his condition.

Venus is a lone warrior as the illness has been unknown in athletes. Venus had been very helpful to McPhail. Venus is currently in the middle of a treatment. She will soon be hitting the tennis circuit. Being a 5 times Wimbledon champion, Venus has been very kind to the soccer star.

Venus will be playing at the 40th Family Circle Cup championships that will be held from 31st March to 8th April. She will be joined by her sister Serena Williams. Venus decided to play in the tournament only recently. We wish her speedy recovery and pray that champions of her stature be as simple as her.