6 thoughts on “Steffi Graf vs Monica Seles 1996 US Open 2/10”

  1. you can say all those excuses you want but seles was winning slams every year and when she got stabbed graf went back to winning 3 slams in 93 because seles was stabbed by a graf fan.he could see graf couldnt beat seles anymore.shame you can’t.

  2. Graf lost 7 of 8 matches to Sabatini at one point from 1990-1992. Of course Graf was way better than the early 90s which was some of the worst tennis of her career as her performances vs much lesser players such as Sabatini, Novotna, Sanchez, and a very old Navratilova proves.

  3. Not sure if Graf was any better than early 90’s as it was that Monica movement due to weight and injuries was reduced. She was not able to crank serves in this match due to her shoulder., Graf played very well though and served great!!

  4. ya well, there’s steffi, then monica, but from 1991 to 1993 NO ONE ELSE was a close third.

  5. steffi was on whole new league, though it was difficult to make a come back after three years and match graf in 1995. in 1996 she left monica way behind.undoubtedly graf was better athlete than monica anyday.

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