25 thoughts on “Sampras serve and volley against Agassi, US Open 2002”

  1. So good, so smooth on the serve. I wish Sampras was still in his prime. I’d love to watch him and Federer both in their prime against each other.

  2. thats because they slowed down Wimby and USO surfaces … thats why s&v practically vanished overnight … fkn sux. google it

  3. @Scarecrowman27 not sure if you’d be able to serve and volley today. i kno agassi was considered the best returner in the game but with the likes of nadal and djok i think they’ve taken that to a new level. even with sampras’ serve i think the quality of returning you see today would muller a serve+volleyer.

  4. i love how this video is long, no music, and just shows point after point with nothing in between. not the best picture but its an old video.

  5. I actually prefere a more defensive kind of game (as a viewer)..
    I rather watch Rafa’s match than Roger’s.. but that’s just me..

  6. dent, federer do them more than other players, but i agree with you. Sampras was amazing

  7. I totally agree. When he was on, his best was THE best. Federer included.

  8. I think if Federer took a year off and just practiced serve and volley only and dedicated himself to ONLY serve and volley, he would dominate Nadal again.

  9. I don’t think anyone has made S&V look so damn easy. Its such a shame that the courts are slower than treacle nowadays, cos I don’t think we’ll ever see this kind of game again 🙁

  10. Completely agree. A front court game looks so easy, except when you actually do it. Not only is it extremely hard work, physically, you have to be on the top of your senses, feel and touch are so important, you have to be very brave, the margins are so small and one mistake could be your end i.e. end of that point 🙂 Front court tennis requires amazing skill. Anybody, anybody can stay on the base line and hit balls all day long and wait for the opponent to blink.

  11. I agree with you to an extent. Serve and volley is hard to do well. But it was Sampras’ choice to play this way, so you can’t just say he deserves more acclaim because he did it.

  12. is no coincidence that the best rivalry ever was a server vs a returner…

  13. WOW! So many haters posting on this thing! Jealous much of seeing a GODLY SERVE and put away volley? This is a great vid, if your dissing it because your a baseline fanboy who doesn’t like all court tennis, than just don’t watch. S/v is a great game. Tennis is a game of trends – don’t be surprised to see a couple S/v’ers again.

  14. Hmmm… Kanye West much?
    “Yo, Fed. I’m really happy for you getting 16 grand slams and imma let you finish but Sampras is the Greatest Of All Time!”

  15. In the few points that Agassi scored in this video, the crowd goes nuts…. while in all of Sampras’ points, there’s just an awwwww…

    Wonder how he felt about being the better player all those years, but not the crowd fave.

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