Roger Federer vs Paul Capdeville — US Open 2007 (Part 1/2)

US Open up Video Rating: five / five

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3 Responses to “Roger Federer vs Paul Capdeville — US Open 2007 (Part 1/2)”

  1. ganzelever says:

    if u would ever succeed you truly would become a hero in the eyes of fedfans worldwide!

  2. FedererPoints says:

    @ganzelever Thank you for commenting on my video. I have been searching really hard for that video. I eventually got it in 4 different places. Each time I uploaded it it was rejected due to “terms of use violation”. I will keep on trying though

  3. ganzelever says:

    hey federerpoints..i wanna say 2 things…first thanx for putting up al these highlights…it’s like a treasurechest of fedvids u opened….2nd do u maybe have the highlights of fed vs. blake at the 2006 us open…there aren’t highlights of the whole match anymore to my knowledge on youtube…tnx anyway