25 thoughts on “Roger Federer vs Juan Monaco || Highlights US OPEN 2011(4th Round)”

  1. For Fed to win the USOpen, it would be easier if he plays the semis against Murray and then the final against Djo because Djo can beat Nad. I mean in reality the chances are that Fed beats Djo in the semis are high but he can’t beat Nad in the finals, like in the French Open this year. Given the current senario of the US Open semi, Fed should give up to Djo and let Djo beat Nad in the final, so Nad’s ranking may drop to 3rd. Then it will be possible for Fed to win another slam next year.

  2. you see how fed. just jogs to the ball and hit it between his legs??!? lol whata beast
    and there are matches where i think he just plays around, i guess he doesnt want the others to look bad. +)

  3. @flavourfulferret You clearly have no brain. Monaco wouldn’t beat Federer in a million years.

  4. @TheArtsantoro i totally agree with u!!! no one can play like roger…not nadal…not djoko even murray….

  5. se liga na movimenta├ž├úo de feder Estivy Sigal da arte do tennis…parabens pela vitoria isso ai..

  6. The best tennis matches to watch there is whenever Federer plays. Nobody plays so fleet-footed elegantly and magic like he plays…he is king forever;-)

  7. i flagged *flavourfulferret´╗┐ *’s comment for spam, because he is retarded psycho-freaky crazy idiot. never-ever think to comment like that again! @flavourfulferret

  8. Monaco was tired. Arrogant, old man Federer. True class Monaco. Elderly Federer has an arrogant style of play. Overrated. Sucks, Federer. If not for injuries and problems of the foot, eye, back, neck, arm, lung and old, Monaco would have a 2-0 H2H with fat Federer. Mirka is fat.

  9. @flavourfulferret
    the old man Fed beat the crap out of (nobody knows when he was/is in prime) Monaco

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