Roger Federer Practice at the 2012 US Open (with Mardy Fish)

US Open up Video clip Rating: four / five

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10 Responses to “Roger Federer Practice at the 2012 US Open (with Mardy Fish)”

  1. adizzle615 says:

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  2. Supersquirrel108 says:

    what shirt is federer wearing?

  3. jhjenn says:

    Luv Fed and Mardy. Bet Mardy not quite used to that many fans (of Feds) around during hitting practice.

  4. HellRaiser51 says:

    go roger 🙂

  5. JeffFisher JaneBowell says:

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  6. afsaldurranihotmail says:

    go RF win this you deserve it more than anybody else on tour we love u…

  7. Fedster88 says:

    First of all thank you for the video, and WOW! To the cheers he got just for a practice that was amazing to see, can’t wait to hear the screams when he walks out there tonight and introduced as No1 🙂

  8. adizzle615 says:

    I did the best I could, too many people got in the way when I did. And I wasn’t about to give up that seat lol (which eventually led to an autograph)

  9. silk1013 says:

    can you imagine trying to practice having screaming fans yelling and clapping for you throughout. Love for Fed. Roger for the win!

  10. Babakc says:

    You need to show the whole court to make it more interesting