Pete Sampras v Patrick Rafter 2001 US Open – Set 1 Part 1

US Open Video clip Rating: five / five

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11 Responses to “Pete Sampras v Patrick Rafter 2001 US Open – Set 1 Part 1”

  1. manconoo says:

    @mdumas43073 And you know who the real culprits were ..right?

    Youtube Dr Alan Sabowsky 911.

  2. 90alexcatalan says:

    @nizzam1 i agree, lendl made 8 finals in a row

  3. 90alexcatalan says:

    this was in new york city a few days before september 11 2001

  4. pps1fan says:

    @crimsonwizard1988 It may be more taxing physically grinding from the baseline and I’m not knocking the baseline game as I am a big fan of Rafael Nadal’s I’m just saying it was so beautiful to watch Sampras, Rafter, McEnroe, Becker and Edberg when they played being the best S&V’s on tour! Now and again Nadal or Federer play a S+V shot & it draws big applause from commentators because now it’s almost an extinct game plan!

  5. crimsonwizard1988 says:

    @pps1fan actual grinding from baseline is waaaay more taxing physically than serve and volleying and requires a tremendous amount of stamina. S&V is easier because you end points faster while taking a bigger risk; it only seems harder today because it has become unorthodox for this new generation.

  6. pps1fan says:

    I miss this era of tennis…serve and volleying is way harder than the way the current generation of players are playing!! Pete Sampras was pure poetry in motion to watch playing and a class act on and off the court!

  7. mdumas43073 says:

    This was a fantastic match. Hard to believe now that it was just a few days before 9/11.

  8. Ryza366 says:

    Haha, funny seeing Roger described as “that guy” who lost to Agassi.

  9. mathiyus says:

    ya in sampras book he put lendl in the top 5 of all time greats

  10. Tennisclassics says:

    @nizzam1 Lendl was only in EIGHT us open finals in a row!!! but you know, that’s not that great of an achievement! Im kidding of course. for some reason Ivan is the forgotten grand slam great and deserves a lot more credit than he is given.

  11. nizzam1 says:

    i find it quite disappointing that they didnot have a clip of ivan lendl in the intro where they include agassi n mcenroe, when lendl has achieved way more at the uso then both of them