25 thoughts on “Pete Sampras Retirement Ceremony at US Open”

  1. @samer737 Not officially, but functionally yes. He never played another pro match on the tour, he dropped out of several tournaments before making it official.

  2. sampras and federer are on the same level of class!i don t know who of them is the best tennis player all the time….

  3. @kyzersoze74 i think fed would win all his slam if the courts were still face-paced and i wonder if he’s jealous of it haha

  4. @aca8638 he didn’t have the drive to win titles anymore. he was content with winning one more open in 02′, calling it a career, and having a family

  5. @TheSlyfucker It’s not just competition, it’s homogenization of court surfaces. Sampras played when grass was fast and clay was snail slow and when there were surface specialists. Those days are long gone.

  6. pete sampras -a lovely guy – humble and sweet and played some of the best tennis I have ever had the pleasure of watching; Wimbledon 99 to name but one which has to rate as the most perfect tennis ever played by anyone.

  7. @gornhorror sitffer competition or was federer just far above their level, impossible to judge in my opinion

  8. I’m sorry..but I still think that Pete was the best ever. His competition was stiffer, his serve was better, and his attitude was superior. At his best, when his serve was good(which was most of the time)…all he had to do to win the match was break you once per set…..match over. Best of all time. Sorry Federer.

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