10 thoughts on “Pete Sampras great shots selection against Ivan Lendl (US Open 1990 QF)”

  1. Sampras strung his racquets looser at the beginning of his career than in
    his prime — you can see how much easier his swings were, especially on the
    backhand side. We remember him for his serve and volley, but his
    groundstrokes were really beautiful, too.

  2. Great to watch. You could see Lendl getting frustrated and thinking, who
    the heck is this guy?

  3. that is because u were only watch the sampas highlight dumbo…lendl was a
    great player, they are pretty even except Pete’s 2nd Serve was much more

  4. Un match d’importance : Lendl avait atteint 8 fois de suite la finale de
    l’US Open de 1982 à 1989. En le battant en 1/4, Sampras réalise l’exploit !
    Et il remporte le tournoi derrière !

  5. Lendl was great and starting on he decline, but still a top player. ItS
    like whats happening to Fed right now.

  6. I love being able to see this again. I don’t watch too many matches
    anymore. Too boring now. Thanks.

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