25 thoughts on “Nadal: “It’s always nice to play against Federer” (Funny Interview, US Open 2013)”

  1. those of you criticizing nadal for his arrogance obviously didn’t listen to
    this interview.

  2. He makes a good point that often players arent winning because theyre being
    aggressive, theyre being aggressive because they’re winning.

  3. Superb athlete BUT as this interview testifies – oh so boring. (And yes I
    have considered the fact that English second language)

  4. What a nice guy, had a smile on his face the whole interview yet people
    will say he’s arrogant and a sore loser when he loses, fact is he’s just
    very passionate and wants to win every game so its understandable why he
    reacts like that. he’lll be the Greatest player ever if he surpasses
    rogers’ grand slam titles

  5. Fed is humble? What a laugh. This is a man who constantly reminds you he
    is great. Can’t even imagine some of you jerks saying Rafa is arrogant.
    You must be a large idiot.

  6. nadal is such a machine on court, but outside, he’s quite a comical
    character. Always smiling and uncertain body language, awesome guy haha.

  7. nadal does look like an indian if you see him from a distance

    he would do well as mowgli all grown up 

  8. are you that stupid that you cant even understand the comment? what im
    saying is that the rivalry is much closer then what it looks like. on any
    other court its always very tight games.

  9. Yeah, and I’m pretty sure they’ve only played 3 times on Grass (Federer’s
    best surface) all three being wimbledon finals. Two of which Federer won.

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