12 thoughts on “Monica Seles vs Steffi Graf US OPEN 1995 – Steffi Graf has best back hand slice.”

  1. @JBlue761982 I wouldn’t go for USO98 because Davenport was so good, but FO98, 99, 2000, AO2002 and YEC2000, yeah, she could/should have won those, she was pretty close, but obviously it wasn’t meant to be.

  2. @juju1305 And the 97 French! She won the first set against Hingis, and then missed that swing volley to lose the game at 4-5 in the second set. The list goes on and on. 🙁

  3. I forgot the 1997 US Open! Monica was on fire that summer. She beat Davenport in LA on a hardcourt, then played so well against Pierce at the US Open in the 4th round. The quarterfinal loss against Spirlea was so unexpected!

  4. @juju1305 Oh, I remember the San Diego matches in 2001. She was playing so well that I dared to think she had a chance to win the US Open that year. Late in her career, she came sooo close to winning many big tournaments. I thought she *could* have won: 98 FO; 98 US Open; 99 FO; 99 US Open; 2000 FO; 2000 Chase Champ; 2001 US Open; 2002 AO. I still cannot believe she didn’t win at least one of the above tournaments. I wanted another big title so badly for Monica.

  5. @JBlue761982 ooops, i missed the “again” in your sentence. I think she did a few times. Against Hingis FO98, Hingis & Capriati San Diego 2001 and Venus AO2002. But these displays were scarce compared to what Monica could do before…

  6. @juju1305 I agree with you; Monica frequently played with this level of authority in the early 1990s. I meant that after this match, it was not seen again.

  7. @JBlue761982 I think she did quite a few times before the stabbing. Look at the Berlin90 or FO90 finals against Graf. FO91 and USO92 against ASV, AO91 against Mary Jo Fernandez and AO93 against Graf. She was very strong in those matches.

  8. I think what made Monica vulnerable against Steff was the fact that she was in poor physical shape. Pre-stabbing, she would be able to attack the backhand side and retrieve Steffi’s sliced shots (and get down low for them). Here, she did not have the same mobility to attack Steffi’s slice, and, of course, her forehand was very strong. I think that is why she did not have the same success against Steffi post stabbing.

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