25 thoughts on “Federer vs. Roddick — US Open 2007 Highlights”

  1. Love how Jimmy Connors looks like a character out of Thunderbirds whenever the camera goes to him! haha

  2. @StevenCBlah
    i dont think its the fact that he approaches the net that cost him the pointd
    i mean, with roddick’s rallying skills he has about a 10% chance of hitting anything from the baseline
    at least a net play will add a little more factor of luck and put a little pressure on federer

    it’s HOW he approaches the net thats stupid
    most of his approach shots arent deep or have any real power or topspin on it
    placement is extremely poor at times too

  3. Has Roddick ever won a single point off Federer when he approaches the net? And this moron keeps doing it.

  4. roger federer is andy roddick human backboard, everything comes back no matter how hard he hits it

  5. @foul01 i dont use ‘ as u can see, and you dont use it as well, but i was just sayin, not fussing, but really..whatever

  6. @wizylicious

    just to let you know it’s “it’s much worse” not “its much worse”
    my comment was written in a hurry so the grammar isnt perfect
    but seriously? we’re fussing over grammar on youtube?

  7. @foul01 Just to let you know its much worse not much more worse because worse is already a comparative 🙂

  8. Makes me kind of sad as well actually seeing this haha, shows a hard fought point for Roddick to go 0-1 up in the second set tiebreak, then the next clip is just Federer 2-1 up, haha.

  9. Federer just has insane reflexes and reaction the way he can deal with some of the things Roddick has tried a few times throughout his career. Not even just againt Roddick either really.

  10. Roddick’s expression at 4.01 pretty much sums up his career with Federer. I think he arguably played one of his best matches against Federer in the quarterfinal, he threw everything into his groundstrokes in the first two sets and still walked away with nothing.

  11. @captainbryce1 I agree 100%. Between 2003-2004 Roddick was a great player; exceptional energy levels, great athleticism, a forehand which just blew people away and ludicrously powerful serving. I think his game started to dip around 2005 where he just relied on serve way too much. Personally I miss the Roddick under Connors between 2006-2008. Sure he suffered bad losses in that time, but his energy and tempo were great. Stefanki completely changed him into a slow paced serene type figure.

  12. I don’t think any other player in the world would have beaten roddick in such a form at the us open in three sets. I don’t think Nadal and Djokovic would’ve won that match in 3 sets
    Rokddick played unbelievable, but Federer even more

  13. yep, 2009 French Open as well, I remember he served 4 aces in his 4 service points in the tie-break against Soderling

  14. If roddick played this with this intensity, I see him breaking the top 8 and going to the Year End Finals in London again

  15. @ruaridh2k7 Roddick’s backhand was best in 2006-2007 (when he had Jimmy Connors as coach). Now it’s not the weapon it used to be and he can’t penetrate through the court with it as good as he did then. Same thing with his forehand. In 2003-2004 Roddick had one of the best forehands in the game. Today, it’s only mediocre! When you compare Roddick 2004 to Roddick of today, it’s like two different players!

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