Federer vs Blake US Open 2006 QF ENG

US Open Movie Score: 4 / five

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14 Responses to “Federer vs Blake US Open 2006 QF ENG”

  1. cheaterNadal says:

    asshole cunt ForeverMan91

  2. Felipe Gómez says:


  3. jayze494 says:

    Blake looks better with the beard.

  4. Steve0904 says:

    Man, I remember watching this match live, but somehow I had forgotten how pro Blake this crowd was. This is a Davis Cup like atmosphere and it’s probably the most I’ve ever heard a crowd cheer against Federer. I suppose the Agassi 05 and Roddick 06 matches here are at least even with this one, but this one here is nuts.

  5. cleanplasticchild says:

    Wow… 25:00. I wonder how hard it was for Monica Seles to watch tennis in a packed stadium. She struggles with PTSD.

  6. Nick Leone says:

    very classy. federer is a cunt and would never do the same.

  7. LorienoftheBlossom says:

    classy move by Blake just a second after winning that set

  8. MrBeatlefan64 says:

    Great upload, nice quality. Thanks!!!!

  9. 5bloons says:

    1:47:43 – “Blake in 5” – Pfffffffft! As if..

  10. 5bloons says:

    Some of the matches you have are so rare! THANK YOU!

  11. youGotslapped100 says:

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  12. Carlos Nascimento says:

    Muito obrigado.
    Partida maravilhosa entre Agassi e Blake.
    Um clássico que os amantes do tênis não podem perder.
    Muito obrigado TennisVadim46, seu trabalho é admirável.

  13. NGOtoriety says:

    Commentators cannot pronounce players’ names…

  14. rachray83 says: