Federer Reflects On Roddick Retirement

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21 Responses to “Federer Reflects On Roddick Retirement”

  1. unowen7591 says:

    It’s awkward when you can’t hear the questions. You’re just staring at Roger waiting for him to talk..

  2. quest8899 says:

    The guy who ruined Roddicks career

  3. TakeshiMomoshiro says:

    Except that we’re referencing a later point in the press conference, wherein Federer speaks about his generation. He mentions the retired Safin, then-retiring Roddick, the injury-ridden Hewitt and Ferrero, before finally mentioning Coria.

  4. pgunnesw says:

    He said courier in the beginning, coria later on during the press conf.

  5. NunexxShadowZ says:

    Oh Yeah, sorry he did say Coria later. You were right.

  6. NunexxShadowZ says:

    It was Courier, he was talking about great american players in the past Agassi, Sampras, COURIER and Chang

  7. kyrix1st says:

    Hes talking about great American players which include Courier. Not Coria.

  8. TakeshiMomoshiro says:

    It was Coria. He was talking about the players he came up with.

  9. Jack LeGwin says:

    I think he said courier. not coria.

  10. hattrickster33 says:

    Yea I think Nadal kinda made people forget about him.

  11. Powney8 says:

    What a gem

  12. d0hhhboy says:

    Coria!!! yeah!!! I was pumped when fed mentioned him. He’s a forgotten great.

  13. visitnajr says:

    he’s not a dick like you. thank god people like you have no skills to be playing pro tennis 🙂

  14. pr4nk5tr says:


  15. RobT89 says:

    Federer is such a fluid interviewer. The words just roll off his tongue.

  16. jcjohnson0 says:

    He should just say “yea, i finally killed him.”

  17. pararesis says:

    Probably to much work for not to much of an issue

  18. mtmckenzie says:

    They could get someone to write out subtitles for us to read though. I think people would be happy with that.

  19. pararesis says:

    The press do not wear mics, so its not up to ATPWorldTour… You can’t hear their questions on ESPN either, there is nothing they can do…

  20. MacbethMerlin says:

    What about him? This is Roger’s press conference, want to talk about Nole, comment on Nole’s press conference.

  21. MacbethMerlin says:

    Objectively it’s the truth, you are just jealous. And yes I am his fan there’s a very powerful reason for it. And if you find it boring just don’t read, don’t watch his pressers and have fun watching someone you find interesting. You are boring yourself.