21 thoughts on “Federer Reflects On Roddick Retirement”

  1. It’s awkward when you can’t hear the questions. You’re just staring at Roger waiting for him to talk..

  2. Except that we’re referencing a later point in the press conference, wherein Federer speaks about his generation. He mentions the retired Safin, then-retiring Roddick, the injury-ridden Hewitt and Ferrero, before finally mentioning Coria.

  3. It was Courier, he was talking about great american players in the past Agassi, Sampras, COURIER and Chang

  4. he’s not a dick like you. thank god people like you have no skills to be playing pro tennis 🙂

  5. They could get someone to write out subtitles for us to read though. I think people would be happy with that.

  6. The press do not wear mics, so its not up to ATPWorldTour… You can’t hear their questions on ESPN either, there is nothing they can do…

  7. What about him? This is Roger’s press conference, want to talk about Nole, comment on Nole’s press conference.

  8. Objectively it’s the truth, you are just jealous. And yes I am his fan there’s a very powerful reason for it. And if you find it boring just don’t read, don’t watch his pressers and have fun watching someone you find interesting. You are boring yourself.

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