ATP.2003.US.Open.3R.Federer.v.Blake Highlights

US Open Online video Ranking: five / five

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13 Responses to “ATP.2003.US.Open.3R.Federer.v.Blake Highlights”

  1. TheSeeker84 says:

    Commentator nutted at 3:45

  2. Bryan Gregory says:

    tennis is so much slower these days…. they should have never changed the
    game, it was so much more entertaining.

  3. Julian Hansen says:

    4:37 dunno how Blake managed to stun that, if it was luck, one of the shots
    of the match for sure. Especially because Blake was never known for his

  4. Naam says:

    This was Federer in his best days. This Roger Federer beats Nadal and
    Djokovic in straight sets on this surface, over and over again. He’s just
    far over his top these days

  5. souljah688 says:

    WHAT a 2nd Set!

  6. Roger Murr says:

    Damn how fast were the courts lol ,, Fed what a beast !!! forehand off the

  7. bobby18894 says:

    roger federer is the best ever he hit likes theres no tomorrow

  8. pablotjob says:

    blake’s one hand backhand is as beautiful as roger’s one….

  9. butterflycaught900 says:

    federer’s return has gotten much weaker in the 10 years since

  10. TDEVOLI says:

    no one could live with that lethal forehand back in federer’s prime years!

  11. Brennan Dugan says:

    Dat 3rd game of the 2nd set.

  12. BennDuong says:

    I mistaken-ed James for Gael Monfils

  13. Dat Hartmann says:

    How I miss these times. This is todays tennis with highspeed.