2011 US Open Press Conferences: Roger Federer (Quarterfinals)

US Open up Video Score: four / five

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22 Responses to “2011 US Open Press Conferences: Roger Federer (Quarterfinals)”

  1. ThePacemaker45 says:

    @Cedescal because they want a situation in which, if they got through, that Federer and Nadal face each other in the final, because they would get more money from revenue from the final and more tv viewers

  2. VoxMax1200 says:

    This is a common thing and simply true ..
    If you hated Novak before, you’ll hate him even more now. Dude, is playing superhero tennis right now.
    Novak > Fedal

  3. overratednadal says:

    LOL. Nadal is cheater always. fake time-out. gamesmanship. noisy play. ( cocky Djokovic too.) And, Nadal make excuse for loses. Sodering, Davydenko. etc

    also, Nadal looks down on Sampras and great past players always. Shut up. Arrogant and Blind Nadal’s fan. asshole

  4. MakiTinkerbell says:

    This year, Novak is the great winner. Nobody can negate that. I have just watched Rafa’s conference. And if Rafa has only good words, like a real, honorable sportsmen, but Federer becomes so bitter and arrogant when loses a match. Rafa said: “you’ve got to accept the challenge and work” – that is real sport behavior.

  5. Mikidjema says:

    No doubt a great player, but his time has passed. anyway’s enjoy its games in the field. Nole is better, which it is not clearly let a look a ranking

  6. Mikidjema says:

    more about Novak. Did you see his results. All he could to win this year he won. you are still one needs to do to someone admitted its results. To fly in the field? And then someone said, so that we knew it would be Roger also did but now can not because. . .

  7. Mikidjema says:

    If you have not noticed the new king in town. his name is Novak. Do not watch any more because of what he lost. Time passes, Novak will also. Until then, enjoy what he gives and love it. Nole is the best

  8. ElSpewtardo says:

    @Cedescal If Federer was 4. You would still complain

  9. EricTheRed03 says:

    How about talking about the match? Where are the questions about the match??

  10. SGS04RF says:



  11. Leonardo4190 says:

    Follow ( Federer_Swiss ) On Twitter .

  12. vivatherasmus says:

    gooooooooo roger!!!!!! love u my king!! =]]]]

  13. Cedescal says:

    Why does the #1 seed play # 3 seed? Shouldn’t it be 1vs4 and 2vs3?. Seems 2 and 4 seed get easier draw than 1 and 3 seed.

  14. ayazagl2000 says:

    Only one thing to say Roger Federer ” A Class Apart” we love you man

  15. FionaCullen7 says:

    What is Tennis going to do without him!!!?!? I don’t even want to think about it.

  16. BHARA99 says:

    @chowdhary1992 Lol i know man don’t worry!!!

  17. mrlufernandovc says:

    Monday Final… I guess he don’t like the ideia of playing to a smaller crownd

  18. chowdhary1992 says:

    @BHARA99 hey i dont mean it in wrong sense! I am a huge fan of Roger!!!

  19. ghayth82 says:

    everybody has his own habits..it’s completely normal

  20. mz0196 says:

    “monday final” hahahahaha

  21. BHARA99 says:

    @chowdhary1992 Reading your comment has made this vid unwatchable, all i can think about! lol

  22. chowdhary1992 says:

    Roger repeats again and again “You Know, you know.” 🙂