2011 US Open Press Conferences: Roger Federer (Fourth Round)

US Open Video Rating: 4 / 5

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13 Responses to “2011 US Open Press Conferences: Roger Federer (Fourth Round)”

  1. overratednadal says:

    Go Roger. nadal is cheater

  2. gilaxia says:


  3. tennislife100 says:

    greatet  Roger

  4. hologram77777777771 says:

    @emily3711 STFU , u fatty :D:D

  5. johnnygkl says:

    if you know Roger will never get retire abd feel pain!he is 100% in good health!

  6. emily3711 says:

    @hologram77777777771 oh gosh just go and learn how to speak english you ignorant moron. [go to google translator if you cant understand my comment :D]

  7. SuperBenLinus says:

    the greatest of all time

  8. valahogy says:

    man that is so true, i fukken hate girls playing sports go and fukken make a sandwich

  9. MrDeleus says:

    @justaprojection I would say only “the one”

  10. federerbestclass says:

    class ever. love Roger

  11. justaprojection says:

    @beleever1 ONE of them? 🙂

  12. DarkelfvsSlavik says:

    I think he does!

  13. beleever1 says:

    one of the best players in the world. hope he wins Tsonga.